Salesforce takes a new approach towards user guidance through a sales cycle with its Spring 15 feature Salespath. By adding a process graphic, users should be disburdened when navigating through a sales process.

In this four part series we will show you how an existing sales process in Salesforce can be further improved by utilizing visuallifecycle. Part 2 shows how to utilize Field Permissions to streamline the user interface.

The standard Salesforce user interface (UI) can get confusing and frankly, quite complex. visuallifecycle keeps it lean and clean. Help your users by streamlining your UI fields. Our latest article explains the benefits of a structured UI and how visuallifecycle helps you tackle the issue.

Discover why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 better supports process driven sales departments out of the box than the market leader Salesforce. And read about how visuallifecycle's process engine makes Salesforce ready for even the most complex scenarios.

Watch how you can create even complex process in no time. All you do is create your process flow with the straight-forward visual editor and you're done! It couldn't be simpler!