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visuallifecycle for makes sales and service organizations more efficient by implementing company specific processes and putting the user in the focus. This reduces the time and effort needed to create and nurture the relevant data.

Company specific processes are implemented visually and directly in with visuallifecycle’s innovative process designer. Users are then guided through them automatically, thus massively reducing user errors and simultaneously utilizing the new intelligent reports.  

Improve your sales and service departments

Latest Articles

  • Setup visuallifecycle on Salesforce Professional Edition

    With its June 2014 release, visuallifecycle finally became available on Salesforce Professional edition. All of visuallifecycle’s features to streamline and simplify business processes in Salesforce can now be used by all Salesforce subscribers, no matter if it’s a Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited edition.
  • Creating a sales process with visuallifecycle (Part 1)

    In this four part series we will show you how an existing sales process in salesforce can be further improved by utilizing visuallifecycle. During the course we will take measures to guide salespeople through each step in a sales cycle and reduce manual tasks to a minimum. Thus enabling the sales staff to do what they do best: selling - and not spending ages in salesforce to nurture data.
  • Why Microsoft Dynamics leaves Salesforce behind in process centric organizations (and how Salesforce takes back the lead)

    Discover why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 better supports process driven sales departments out of the box than the market leader Salesforce. And read about how visuallifecycle's process engine makes Salesforce ready for even the most complex scenarios.

Latest Videos

  • Demo: visuallifecycle in a service process

    Curious to see how visuallifecycle looks for your end-users? Take a peek at our demo video. It shows several major aspects of visuallifecycle in a typical service process.
  • How-To: Process compliance through data locking

    In many business processes data must not be changeable anymore if a process reaches a certain state. This might be relevant for calculating a Sales Rep’s bonus, securing traceability in a service process or to fulfil legal requirements. With visuallifecycle you can ensure process compliance with just a few clicks.
  • Task delegation made easy

    In your processes’ lifecycles you regularly want your users to create new objects like tasks, case comments, attachments, etc. and assign them properly. Using visuallifecycle you can set up all of these automatic object creations directly. Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up automatic task creation!